Checkout CI has dedicated technical support teams in both Jersey and Guernsey. Each one of our engineers is not only an expert on all of our EPoS systems and accessories, but has a knowledgeable background in computer hardware and networking. For all our new customers, we provide 60 days free training and support. Not only do we provide assistance during installation to set up the system, our on-site technical support team will train all staff on the simple tasks needed to operate the software. You will also benefit from the self-assurance that any technical issues or training questions which develop over the successive 60 days will be resolved quickly and efficiently.




We aim to make the end user programming experience as simple as possible. We do this by offering a product programming service whereby you can send us a list of all your products, menus, barcodes and prices, and we import them all for you so that when the EPoS system is installed, you’re ready to go!.


Most technical or ongoing training issues can be handled by our support teams remotely. Using dedicated remote access software over the internet, our engineers can access systems and immediately start working to resolve any problems or the training issue, thus minimizing any service disruption. Should a site visit be necessary, CheckOut CI are the Channel Islands’ premier Epos support organisation.

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