Stocklink Online


StockNet is a cloud-based platform that gives you access to numerous real-time EPoS-driven tools to improve your business performance in multi-channel retailing environments. All transactions and stock movements are available online for analysis within seconds of them taking place.

Real-time data, sales and stock reports can be viewed 24/7 on mobile or desktop devices anywhere in the world where there is a wi fi or internet connection. Automatic and manual updates, upgrades and changes take place remotely – while StockNet data is easily shared with other applications through smart API integration.

There are no limits to the number of stores and outlets. Simply add new openings and acquisitions as your enterprise expands. StockNet frees your business to fully explore and take advantage of numerous multi-channel retailing opportunities.

Because everything sits safely and securely in the cloud, you can focus 100% on giving your business true competitive advantages in your specific hospitality sector. Numerous added value options range from implementing airtight business controls and accessing reports and business intelligence to running marketing, promotions or loyalty campaigns and offering customers real-time online shopping.

Financially, StockNet reduces overheads. No need to purchase or support costly in-house IT infrastructures. Everything is hosted on safe and secure external servers. You only pay for the capacity you need.

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