Many hotels deploy a PMS (Property Management System) to coordinate front office functions. Whilst they automate hotel operations such as guest bookings, guest details, online reservations, telephone, accounts receivable, sales and marketing, banquets, food and beverage costing, materials management, HR and payroll, maintenance management etc., often the point of sale modules lack functionality.

The beauty of PoSLink is that it seamlessly interfaces with many of the most popular PMS’ available today, allowing hotels to benefit from a ‘best of all worlds’ solution. This belt and braces approach has already been successfully installed in a number of prominent hotels across the Channel Islands and with CheckOut’s local technical support just a click or a call away, PoSLink provides the ultimate hotel point of sale add-on. Find out more about PoSLink here.


Stocks Hotel in Sark is one of the latest Channel Island Hotels to deploy PoSLink.


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