Coffee Shops, Cafes & Takeaways

CheckOut provides specialist quick service EPOS solutions for coffee shop, café and takeaway operations where clients require speedy queue-busting customer service.   The PoSLink touchscreen technology can be easily configured for such outlets featuring fast service mode tills for swift transactions and easy payments.


Unlike fine dining and restaurant operations, quick service operations don’t need a function bar as ordering is less complex in sandwich bars, fast food and takeaway stores.  POSLink integrates with chip ‘n’ pin terminals and contactless payment methods for smooth seamless transactions, which are critical during busy periods. Food to go solutions also have full reporting processes and access to StockLink online software suite modules such as loyalty and promotions, online shopping, pre-pay and ordering and kitchen video systems for tracking and processing orders. Your benefits include:


  • Fast service mode tills
  • Speed of use as point of service
  • Easy for staff to use
  • Integrated chip’n’pin
  • Contactless payment options
  • Loyalty and promotions
  • Full reporting
  • Up-sell prompts
  • Comprehensive business reporting and intelligence
  • Online or offline

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