Loyalty Schemes

If you are currently operating a business, shop, restaurant, bar or a company which generally benefits from repeat patronage, then you may constantly be looking for new and innovative ways to draw your clients in and retain them over a period of time. Although discounts, low prices and sales are a great way to bring in new people through your door, repeat service often depends on selling a high quality product at a reasonable price, and if you feel that this isn’t enough then you may need to look at other methods of customer retention.


One way that many businesses aim to keep their customers coming back again is through a loyalty card system and this gives customers an incentive to keep coming back. Loyalty cards can offer benefits, discounts and even free gifts for repeat visits and they are a great way for your customers to get a little bit extra out of each purchase.

CheckOut EpoS solutions provide comprehensive customer loyalty programmes. These services mean that customers can use their loyalty card to receive points to spend or receive a discount on purchases. And don’t forget, while customers use their loyalty card, the system is capturing valuable information about your customers spending habits that can be used for mail shots and marketing purposes.

Top 5 compelling reasons for adopting a CheckOut loyalty scheme:

  1. Improve customer retention and relationships to boost profits
  2. Attract new customers to increase return on investment (ROI)
  3. Win back customers
  4. Enhance direct marketing opportunities
  5. Expand brand awareness

If any of the above interest you, contact the CheckOut customer service team for further information.

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